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'''Joy Garnett''' (born 1965 is a painter and writer in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Garnett's paintings, based variously on news photographs, scientific imagery and military documents she gathers from the Internet, examine the apocalyptic-sublime at the intersections of media, politics and culture. She engages contemporary consumption of media and the delineation between journalistic and artistic images.[ Brewer, Paul: Curator's Statement.] "Blasts," G Fine Art, Washington, DC, Sept 10 - Oct 22, 2005 She takes the digital image itself as her subject and is interested in digital media in general. She is married to visual artist Bill Jones (artist)|Bill Jones. Her work is often associated with Sampling (music)|sampling in new media art and with appropriation (art)|appropriation art. Controversy...
Image fileJoy-Garnett Plume-oil-on-canvas.jpg
Painting alignmentright
ArtistJoy Garnett
TypeOil painting|Oil on canvas
Height metric66
Width metric117
Height imperial26
Width imperial46
Metric unitcm
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